Is it worth doing an old React course that covers class based programming?

When learning React it can be super confusing to know what to learn. With React, Class Components, Functional Components, Hire Order Components, Redux, Hooks, Next.js it is hard to know what tutorials to watch, and what to learn first.

And it is also hard to know what you will need to use in a job. I understand the frustration of having so much to learn, but not knowing what stuff to invest your time in.

Have no fear, hear is quick guide to getting started:

The main takeaway is:

If you are starting out, learning the classic class-based React is a good idea. If you have already leared this, from older courses maybe, IT IS NOT A WASTE OF TIME. Don’t worry! It’s a good foundation for your React career.

It is a good idea because you will often see existing code using Class Components and you will need to recognise it. In a job, they most likely have some Class Components you want to maintain. And there is nothing wrong with using Class Components anyway, they work!

Once you have mastered these, then move on to Hooks, Functional Components and other goodies in the React ecosystem.

Posted by Martin Capodici


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