An Example Birthday App, using React & Typescript

Just wanna see 🤤? Here is a link to a demo of the app

I have a new approach to making side projects, which is to keep them pretty small and simple, so there is a hope of ever completing them. Also it’s good to make them useful, so that at least I might get some use from it, and hopefully other people do too.

With this in mind I build a React app called Birthdays. This app simply remembers when birthdays are coming up (and there is no reason you can’t put other annual dates too), and shows you when the next birthdays are going to occur, so you got a feel for how long you have to plan for them.

It uses your browser’s local storage to remember the birthdays. For now. This means it it’ll remember the birthdays, but there is a chance you could lose the data. In a future version I might make it sync with Dropbox, or stick a “back end” on to it. Or simply have a download/upload option.

Anyway if you want to play with the app, here is the demo! Or take al look at the screenshot:

If you want to view the source code, it is here:

The app uses Typescipt. If you are not familiar there might be the odd thing that looks weird, but it’s mostly the same code as what would work in Javascript, but with some handy type checking to avoid me making mistakes.

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